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Two cousins go to dinner.

One’s from Boston. The other from Brooklyn.

What could possibly go wrong?

26 min
June 22, 2014

Tony and Carmine are cousins that both come from a long line of stubborn Italian families. After years of not seeing each other, they reluctantly agree to go to dinner. Insert the Red Sox, Yankees and a sexy hot-tempered waitress… and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.


Cast & Crew Members

Dino Brogna

Writer and Director of 27, Dino has worked for decades in the film and video industry. He currently resides in Houston, TX and is the

Damon Pampolina

Damon Pampolina stars as Tony. Damon’s professional acting career began when he was a youngster appearing on 22 episodes of Disney’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club. He is an actor and cinematographer.

David Maldonado

Dave Maldonado stars as Carmine. Dave has appeared on episodes of Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Chase and Treme. Dave’s either played the lead or co-starred in over a dozen films (shorts and features), and even more commercials.

Candice Barley

Candice Michele Barley stars as Angela. Having grown up in a home with her father as a commercial photographer, Candice has been around the industry her whole life. From television work, to film and the stage – Candice has incredible range as an actress.